About the Dialect Texts

This section contains the dialect texts recorded in Transdanubian localities in 1962–1975. The transcription of the texts is provided, accompanied, if the tapes have survived, by the corresponding digitized audio file. The principles of transcription are those accepted in Bulgarian dialectology (Стойков, С. 1993: 41–44). Their relation to the international IPA standard is explained in the section “On transcription”.

The texts from a locality appear in the Corpus in the order in which they were recorded. For users’ convenience they are thematically divided and each theme has been given a brief title and a unique three digit number [nnn]. The lines within a theme are numbered. The preferred mode of citation of the Transdanubian dialect texts is described in the section “Copyright”.

All contributors to the processing of the texts from a given locality have been identified in information box “Clarifications to the text” (button i).

The background information about the locality and its respective dialect precedes the dialect texts recorded there.

The accents on the names of localities and Romanian counties are included to show the stressed syllable and are not part of the spelling of the respective names in their Romanian or Bulgarian versions.


© Olga Mladenova & Darina Mladenova 2001-2018

About the Transdanubian localities. Texts recorded in Transdanubian localities in 1962-1975. Audio recordings. Transcriptions. Dialectology.

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