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Entering a search pattern limits the resulting word list to words matching the pattern. If no pattern is entered, no limitations apply. Below are the filtering rules and examples. Clicking a pattern copies it into the pattern box.
Rules for words:
Search patterns are described in special text strings, called regular expressions. They comply with the rules of regular expressions. For details regarding these rules see www.regular-expressions.info.
Examples for selecting/filtering of words:
Съдържащи буквите "xy...":
напред - напреде, однапреде, отнапред
Започващи с буквите "^xy...":
^дом - дом, домне, домниторъ
Завършващи с буквите "...yz$":
ане$ - геране, зъмане, иване
Маска за единична буква "x.y":
о.ма - корманъ, нойма, пlатформа
Маска за 0 или 1 буква "x?":
ър?де - бъде, бърде, съде, сърдеа
ъ.?де - бръзди, бъде, бърде, къде
Маска за 0 или повече букви "x*":
ма.*к - маlко, макар, мачкъ, романски
Маска за 1 или повече букви "x+":
ма.+к - маlко, мачкъ, романски
Алтернативни низове "x|y|z":
аво|еди - един, завое
Алтернативни букви "[xyz]":
[л|l|н]ем - гуlеми, гулеми, жънеме
Избягване на букви "[^xyz]":
[^л]ему - гуlему, нему
Комбиниране на букви "(xyz)":
(г|п)ът - другътъ, път, гропъта
Дължина на низ от i до j "{i,j}":
е{2}м - вършееме, сеем, сееме

Примери: Филтрирай всички думи ...
^.{3,4}$ - с 3 или 4 букви
^[вд].*ъ$ - започващи с в или д и завършващи с ъ
ъ.$ - с ъ като предпоследна буква
^[^l]{1,}$ - съдържащи всички букви без l
[a-z]+ - съдържащи поне 1 латинска буква
Limiting words displayed up to 2000:
When this option is checked, the number of words to be displayed is limited to a maximum of 2000. Whenever this limit is not enough to display all the captured words, a note saying More words follow... is appended at the end of the word list.
In this case, pressing "Search" again will return the next portion of 2000 words. When the last words available have been displayed, a note saying No more words is appended at the end of the word list. Pressing "Search" now will reset the word list to the first captured word.
The word list may be reset at any time by pressing "Reset".
Selecting range of dialects or villages:
When a range of localities is selected, the resulting word list is limited to words used by informants in these localities.
A range may be selected by (un)checking one or more dialects, which will result in the (de)selection of the localities in which this dialect is spoken. After certain dialects have been selected, some localities may be checked or unchecked to further refine the selected range.
Note: The selected localities and not the selected dialects will determine the search results.
Alternatively, a range may be selected by (un)checking one or more localities leaving dialects as they are.
(Un)checking the option "all localities" will simultaneously select or deselect all the localities and dialects.
Clicking a word opens its concordance box. The box contains lines of text for all occurrences of this word, regardless of the selected range of villages.
Each line shows the word of interest in its context. The context width may be predefined using the "Words in concordance" dropdown box to 6, 12 or 24 (leading and lagging) words wrapping the word of interest.
Whenever the context width is severed to a smaller number of words due to reaching the theme boundary (beginning or end of text), the shortage is indicated with a "daisy" ✼.
When the cursor is positioned over a line, a pop-up window shows the origin of the text contained in this line in format: Village Record.Subrecord (Line,Word) [Theme], e.g. when searching for 'офча̀ръ' it says: Băléni-Sấrbi 1.9 (14.4) [533].

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